The Hamilton Spectator on "Hamlet"

A Fresh Take on a Shakespeare Classic.  "You'll find yourself more than just a walk-on.  You'll be a part of everything that happens." Read Gary Smith's preview of Hamlet in The Hamilton Spectator.

Padre Pio, a romantic comedy with a saint at the centre

Read about the play in this recent Hamilton Spectator article:

"Talking with Peter, Peter and John is like speaking with three disciples of the theatre.

Each has a story to tell. Each is bound up with a theatrical project that defies easy categorization. Each insists Padre Pio, the new musical they are presenting, isn't solely a religious experience..." 
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Read the review of Padre Pio in The View

"Be charmed and entertained by a fine gem of a show"    Read More.


"Eric Luvisotto’s Padre Pio is fantastic" according to the review by Aha Blume in Monkeybiz

"Escape the winter blahs by attending the engaging and original Padre Pio..."  Read More


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"With theatre we express reality not as we experience it, but as we believe it to be true."

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Frankenstein - August 2017

Written by David Elendune
Directed by Gary Santucci

Peter Anderson - Victor Frankenstein
Rod McTaggart - Creature
Pamela Gardner - Clerval
Sharon Gronfeldt - Elizabeth
Nicholas Ruddick - Victor's Father
Marija Lukic - Justine
Peter Bowman - Judge and Physician

A chilling new tale of a timeless story.