by William Shakespeare

venue & tickets:
The Pearl Company 
16 Steven St., Hamilton

Aug. 1, 2, 3
  (7:30pm to 10pm)
Aug. 8, 9, 10
  (7:30pm to 10pm) 
Aug.10 matinee
  (2pm to 4:30pm) 

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"With theatre we express reality not as we experience it, but as we believe it to be true."

Classical Theatre Company


Classical Theatre Company seeks to explore the hidden beauty and intrigue of the human experience - to answer questions about the meaning and purpose of life, as well as the mystery.  Theatre provides a setting in which to experience and test our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. As with any art form, this process is not just for the benefit of our creative team, but also for the benefit of everyone we encounter on our journey, especially the audience.  Classical Theatre Company believes in theatre as a place where experience can be transformative.  We seek to capture those special and unforgettable moments in time which, though they may pass, shall not be lost.  These experiences challenge and inspire us, shaping and transforming our life experiences as we move into the mystery of the unknowable future.  What better way to experience this transformation than through the works of great writers, from the Greeks through to Shakespeare to present day playwrights. Classical Theatre Company is committed to producing such great works as well as the writings of contemporary playwrights who have exemplified the talent that it takes to entertain its audiences through such experience.

We want you to leave our productions having been thoroughly entertained as well as being inspired. It is our hope that our productions allow you to escape the chaos of everyday life, entertaining you, and at the same time contribute to your own transformation. We want you to leave appreciating the beauty of life with a deep sense of gratitude, having a better grasp of the human condition, and being inspired to live each and every day with the fullest sense of life!