The Hamilton Spectator on "Frankenstein"

Victor and Frankie are coming to Hamilton.  "It's the public's fascination with ghosts, immortality and God that makes this story live." Read Gary Smith's preview of Frankenstein in The Hamilton Spectator.

Padre Pio, a romantic comedy with a saint at the centre

Read about the play in this recent Hamilton Spectator article:

"Talking with Peter, Peter and John is like speaking with three disciples of the theatre.

Each has a story to tell. Each is bound up with a theatrical project that defies easy categorization. Each insists Padre Pio, the new musical they are presenting, isn't solely a religious experience..." 
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Read the review of Padre Pio in The View

"Be charmed and entertained by a fine gem of a show"    Read More.


"Eric Luvisotto’s Padre Pio is fantastic" according to the review by Aha Blume in Monkeybiz

"Escape the winter blahs by attending the engaging and original Padre Pio..."  Read More


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"With theatre we express reality not as we experience it, but as we believe it to be true."


Frankenstein - August 2017

Written by David Elendune
Directed by Gary Santucci

Peter Anderson - Victor Frankenstein
Rod McTaggart - Creature
Pamela Gardner - Clerval
Sharon Gronfeldt - Elizabeth
Nicholas Ruddick - Victor's Father
Marija Lukic - Justine
Peter Bowman - Judge and Physician

A chilling new tale of a timeless story.



Tuesdays with Morrie - Sept/Oct 2015


The Classical Theatre Company's "Tuesdays with Morrie" - Reviewed in View Magazine


Padre Pio - Jan/Feb 2015


This dramatic comedy with a romantic plot, traces the life of this great Italian saint - from his years in San Giovanni Rotondo to his death.

Padre Pio suffered greatly with many illnesses, but was also gifted with the stigmata, the ability to prophesize, to perform miracles and to bi-locate.

This inspirational and entertaining musical focuses, in a comedic and dramatic way, on Pio's teaching of suffering. His teachings leave us inspired and hope-filled.

It illustrates how Pio, loved by millions of people, was rejected by some in his own Church and sent to live a life of seclusion. Some considered it imprisonment for ten years. Giovanni, Pio's right hand man, who intends to be a monk like Pio, falls in love with Frances, an American reporter and skeptic, who has come to disprove and write Pio's story. Her suspicions are affirmed when she witnesses three disillusioned women, who had come to Pio for miracles. Pio had something more profound planned for them.

It’s a long struggle before Pio’s dream of constructing a special hospital is actualized and he is legitimized. It took the brilliant work of a converted Frances, a loyal Giovanni, a swayed Bishop and by others who loved him. Like many who came in contact with this great man, he also altered the path of Giovanni and Frances.


St. Padre Pio - Eric Luvisotto
Giovanni - Eric Charters
Francis - Sharon Gronfeldt
Bishop - Anthony Zita
Angela/Jolene Hart/Monk - Heather Baer
Maria/Queen Isabella/Monk - Julia Gorban
Teresa/Monk - Tara Kennedy
Mario - Peter Anderson
King Carlos/Monk - Renfred D'Souza


MacBeth - Nov/Dec 2012

Directed by Peter Anderson and Tyler Brent
Production Co-ordinator: Steve Newman

(In order of appearance)

Annie McLean - First Witch
Teresa Janes - Second Witch
Michael Zimmerman - Third Witch and Second Murderer
Ron Collingwood -Bar patron
Jim Jeffrey - Bar patron
Steve O'Brien - Duncan, Macduff and First Murderer
Nick Kozij - Malcolm, Fleance, Son, Lennox and Seyton
Tyler Brent - Sergeant, Doctor, and Siward
Aha Blume - Ross, Porter, Attendant
Peter Anderson - Macbeth and Third Murderer
William LeGood - Banquo, Menteith and Servant
Laura Ellis - Lady Macbeth
Justine Dennis - Servant
Theresa Cooke - Hecate, Lady Macduff and Gentlewoman