by William Shakespeare

venue & tickets:
The Pearl Company 
16 Steven St., Hamilton

Aug. 1, 2, 3
  (7:30pm to 10pm)
Aug. 8, 9, 10
  (7:30pm to 10pm) 
Aug.10 matinee
  (2pm to 4:30pm) 

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"With theatre we express reality not as we experience it, but as we believe it to be true."


Classical Theatre Company will be producing Shakespeare's Hamlet, Directed by Gary Santucci, with showtimes on August 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 (7:30pm to 10:00pm) and one matinee (2pm to 4:30pm) on Aug 10, 2019, at The Pearl Company, 16 Steven St., Hamilton.  For tickets please contact The Pearl Company at 905-524-0606.

Aha Blume - Osiric and Second Player
Bob De Haan - Marcellus, Priest and Captain
Andrew Rodwell - King Claudius
Valerie Harrison - Queen Gertrude
Peter Anderson - Hamlet
Nick Ruddick - Ghost, First Player, and Grave Digger
John Hewson - Polonius
Ray Rivers - Horatio
Victoria Elysse - Ophelia
Matt Dafoe - Laertes
Justine Dennis-Bernardo - First Sailor